Welcome! You care about essentialism, living life your way creatively, the work you do, our environment, sustainability, and you have got personal style! This must be how you found us at BoyAtHeart, and we thank you for it!

We will now tell you a little bit more about "BoyAtHeart."

Our Story

The idea of the brand came about 12 years ago by a t-shirt enthusiast. When he was just a teenager, he wanted T-shirts that could fit a skinnier person just like him. He customised and ordered the garments from his family's production plant. Set up a booth at SCAPE, sold once a week on Saturdays and it did really well.

After setting this up, he flew over to Vietnam to help with his family clothing manufacturing business. The idea of his own clothing label still lingered. He converted an old warehouse into an educative shopping experience.

This resulted in a 4 part series of Shop, a display of the sewing process, design & pattern making space & the sewing space. The shop was a huge success, it was opened by the previous Prime minister of Singapore.

Now in 2022, after being stuck in Singapore for the past 2 years, he tried to find a clothing label that had all the qualities he wanted. Functionable, essential design. Quality stitching & workmanship.

This inspired him to the creation of BoyAtHeart. Through the need for essential garments made with the right workmanship.

A Simple Ideology

“As a manufacturer, it’s only right that we proceed to have our own brand instead of continuously manufacturing for other brands. We can’t be misguided and need to have focus on the quality, lastingness & comfort of the product, not only on the cost of production.”

Our Difference

Custom Pattern Mastery

Unique Designs

Distinct Quality

What Is Our Experience In The Field?

We use our generational experience, with employees that have worked with us for decades. All our products are made in Vietnam & manufacturing is overseen by us. We are thus able to control product quality & subsequently create the best products for you.

We aim to become a more sustainable brand, not for the sake of it but because we must. We currently use deadstock fabric that other labels have bought. Labels always overbuy fabric to ensure they are able to meet the quantity needed by roughly 3%. We use those fabrics for our current collections.

In future we hope to be able to use GOTs Cotton as our main material, and other types of fabric that is truly sustainable. As the brand grows, we will be able to facilitate better fabrics, and educate our customers upon who & what truly makes their garments, & what they should expect within any brand.

This is the exciting part about our brand. A truly quality product with our wealth of experience, a sustainable production which is ever improving & the education that our customers receive from us!

We always strive to do better than what we currently have and you can hold us to that.

Thanks For Stopping By!

By purchasing from us, you are helping fight fast fashion & doing a small part in helping our environment. You are making a conscious choice for yourself, for the future of our planet, without compromising on style and quality.

Thank you for that, and welcome to the Boy At Heart!