BAH, is born from the factory. This means we get to see clearly how every process is made. We understand the amount of work that is required to ensure our clothes are made with quality and care. We aim for people who know what they want, regardless of ongoing trends. People who value the effort and amount of time and care that our artisans put into making a garment perfect.


Sustainable Pricing Transparency. When you choose BAH, what you pay for is sustainable pricing for the workers that make our clothes. That means you appreciate the labour and workmanship that went into making our clothes. First, we ensure that our artisans are paid a fair price. We do not believe in squeezing labour costs unlike many of our counterparts in the fashion industry. Second, you get to see exactly how much we are paying for each and every process from materials to sewing and to you the end consumer.


BAH, makes classic essentials for the 20th century. We make clothes for everyday wear. We work on classic staples and improve the workmanship to perfection for a garment that lasts. We have incorporated practical elements such as the care instructions into designs that are on the T-shirt for easy readability to increase the lifespan of your clothes. The end result is a long lasting garment that goes beyond genders.


We are a manufacturer in the fashion industry producing for International brands for the past 4 decades. Deadstock fabric are fabric that has been either cancelled or excess bought due to brands. We purchase these fabrics to give them new life and reduce wastage in our world to make products that stand the test of time through our meticulous workmanship.