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* Can this Premium T-shirt crafted by Vietnamese Artisans rival Italian Crafted Luxury?

are you paying for illusion / true value?

Simply, a premium t-shirt crafted by vietnamese artisans without a luxury price tag.

1. High quality fabric & workmanship

Made in-house by our own Vietnamese artisans. We started off manufacturing for luxury brands... Now we're bringing own ideas into the industry.

2. Affordably Priced

Since everything is made in-house, we do not have additional mark-ups that other boutique brands have. We price our items affordably & pay our artisans well for their work.

3. Consistency In Quality

Everything is made to order, we are extremely detail orientated & do not skip the small details that make clothing feel good to wear.

4. Comfortable to wear

Made for the everyday male physique and crafted with premium yet lightweight material. Our designs are comfortable, yet non see-through. Great for the humid weather of Singapore.

5. Unique Pieces You Can't Find anywhere else

We have the flexibility and expertise to create whatever design we can imagine. We iterate fast and create pieces you cannot find anywhere else.


The NOTBV II T-shirt & Pull-over features intensive hand-weaved details, meticulously crafted with symmetry. A straight hemline completes the minimalist design.

A play of textures emerges as consistent hand-weaved details marries the supple comfort of knitted fabric.

We changed the collar construct entirely to give it a new elevated clean look with comfort.

Knitwear that has not been done with this level of detailing at this price point. Anywhere. We have double stitched everywhere to ensure your garment actually lasts. Does your luxury brand craft the same?