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Why are t-shirt collars made this way now in 2022?

Why are t-shirt collars made this way now in 2022?

Have you wondered why your t-shirts are being made with this type of collar now? 


Is it because it is of higher quality? Comfort? Or? 

  1. With this workmanship, after a single wash, the t-shirt always has to be ironed to ensure the the underside of the sewing attachment does not flip up. 
  2. As the collar is attached just by one sewing process, the shape of the collar usually runs out of shape after a few washes.

So why then are these collars being used as a standard even in high end brands?

It is pretty simple, lower sewing processes = lower workmanship = lower cost = non lasting garments = more frequent purchases. This is the way our fashion industry works now. 

You are basically paying top dollar for a product that may give you the best fabrics but may not be in terms of top workmanship.


Even if you use the best fabrics on earth. It would not hold together well without great workmanship.

So, what then is a well made t-shirt collar? 

Using our 4 decades of experience in the garment manufacturing industry, we use the piped collar as our standard collar. 

Reasons for doing so is because:

  1. Collar is piped over the neckline, which means that the collar will not run out of shape.
  2. There is no underside flipping as it is flat on front and underside. This means you wouldn’t need to iron your collar for your t-shirt to be in presentable shape.



We hope this helps you to look out for better workmanship in your next purchase.