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Boy At Heart

Esstca 001 - Grey

Esstca 001 - Grey

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This is the T-shirt you've been looking for all along. The foundation of every wardrobe. Soft, yet indestructible. Smart yet comfortable. It will remain its impeccable shape and neat neckline - wash after wash. Made in Vietnam in our very own factory. With top-notch 100% recycled luxury fabrics left behind by the industry. Exclusive & subtle details just above the essentials. We're pretty sure you'll never want to take this off.


Dead-stock 100% cotton left behind by luxury brands.

Shipping & Returns

We process all orders within 1-2 working days. Should there be any additional requests, pls contact us directly and we will respond!


Care Instructions

We have discarded the care label that is usually sewn on the inside of the garment and have replaced it with a printed care instruction as part of the design feature of our ESS collection. Hand wash in warm water/ Gentle machine wash for best results

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Tailored to the Human Body

Suitable for almost all occasions. Made to last.

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